Welcome to Motionwool

Your feet will thank you

Motionwool was born out of a selfish idea to design a better running sock for cold and wet long-runs. Evolve Golf’s founder was training for a half marathon and struggling with blisters and cold feet.  A training partner suggested trying a pair of wool socks. One run later and one run through the washer machine, it was decided that we could and needed to make a better technical wool sock for athletes. 

We aimed to make a sock that would last mile after mile and wash after wash. Motionwool was designed from the ground up for comfort, durability, and performance. 

Our mission is to get Motionwool performance socks underfoot on every outdoor enthusiast. Motionwool is focused on combining fresh styles with technical features that keep your feet happy on your playground of choice.  

If you ever have any questions about Motionwool, or are interested in ordering bulk Motionwool, please email us at customerservice@evolvegolf.com.